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Scripts for data management and harmonization using the IeDEA Data Exchange Standard

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Data Exchange Standard for Observational HIV Data

The IeDEA Data Exchange Standard (IeDEA DES) is a common data model for sharing observational HIV data, designed and maintained by the Data Harmonization Working Group (DHWG) of the International epidemiology Databases to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA).

The IeDEA DES was forked from the European HIV Cohorts Data Exchange Protocol (HICDEP) in 2012 in order to incorporate additional variables suitable for healthcare environments and data collection in resource-limited settings. This initial version of the IeDEA DES was led by then-DHWG chair Firas Wehbe (@firaswehbe). In 2017, the IeDEA DES was majorly expanded and realigned with the HICDEP data standard under the guidance of current DHWG chair Beverly Musick (@bsmusick).

Download the latest version of the IeDEA DES

Currently you can download latest version of the DES as a Word document.

alt text IeDEA_Multiregional_Data_Transfer_Protocol_2017Feb17.docx

A web-browsable version of the DES is available at

Who can use the IeDEA DES?

The IeDEA DES is used by the seven operational regions of IeDEA to exchange data with each other for collaborative research studies. Anyone is welcome to download the IeDEA DES and use it to structure their data.

Tools based on the IeDEA DES

The IeDEA DHWG is in the process of developing data quality checking tools based on the latest version of the IeDEA DES. This repository contains data quality checking scripts in R that are designed to run on data in the IeDEA DES format. The scripts are being updated for the 17 February 2017 version of the IeDEA DES.


For questions about the IeDEA DES, you can contact